Milkshakes $5.99

Strawberry, Chocolate or Vanilla

Jell-o with whipped cream $3.99

Bagel with Cream Cheese $3.99

Grilled Cinnamon Buns $4.49

Super Sundaes $5.99

Banana Split $6.49

Dish of Ice Cream

Strawberry, Chocolate or Vanilla $3.49

Apple Hi Pie $5.99

The Fresh Apple Pie is baked with crispy apples and just a hint of cinnamon for a warm delightful dessert. .
A la Mode: Add $1.00

Warm Ginger Caramel Spice Cake $6.99

Chock full of diced apples mingled with a most ginger spice cake and our secret ingresient, topped with a decadent homemade caramelsauce.
Served Warm A la Mode: Add $1.00

Banana Creme with Dark Chocolate Ganache $6.99

Banana Creme with banana chunks and chocolate, split by a flaky pie crust and a layer of dark chocolate ganache, Finished with creamy topping and dark chocolate curls.

Gourmet Lemon Meringue $5.49

Real lemon and golden meringue make this as refreshing as it is tall.

French Cream Cheesecake $6.99

Light, Cool and creamy cheesecake with a hint of lemon atop an oatmeal crumb crust Topped with strawberry and whipped cream

Worlds Greatest Chocolate Cake $7.99

Drissled chocolate icing cascades over four indulgent layers of cake and frosting. Piled high, this cake is accented with dark chocolate shavings.
A la Mode: Add $1.00

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